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EX3300 Virtual Chassis Failover not working


Hi there
Iv got an issue with VC on EX3300 platforms not working as it should - or at least I dont think it is. 
As per the attached diagram, I can ping from host .20 to host .21  without any issues, however, when I unplug the VCP cable from the Master in VC2 - I would expect the pings to continue as the Backup SW would take the role of master and continue forwarding the packets to the host - the LAG is still up at this point.  But this is not the case - I get packet drops until I plug the VCP link back into the master. 
Now im a cisco man and when Ive stacked cisco switches before I never got this issue,  Is virtual chassis not designed to cope with this?  
I have already configured GRES and NSB on both VC's.

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